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The following is a very small and brief list of key characters in the "Partner" series. Please note that most details on the characters are sketchy and what little info is shown comes from my own translations and could be incorrect. For this reason, not all characters are listed, and NEW characters will not be added as introduced unless they are central elements to the plot. Please refer to the chapter summaries for more information.

O u s a w a N a e

17 years old, second-year highschool student. Member of the Kendo club, at which she excels. The 'tomboy' of the twins, Nae has always kept her hair in a shorter, more casual hairstyle than her sister. Has a few apparent issues of inferiority in comparison to her sister. Takeshi has obvious feelings for Nae and they are apparently regarded as a canon couple, however Nae secretly harbors feelings for his brother, Ken.

O u s a w a M o e

17 years old, second-year highschool student. The softer-spoken, more feminine of the twins, seemingly the more respected as well, a very smart and eloquent girl. Quite enamored with Ken, who likes her also and the two are a picture-perfect couple. Moe loves her sister, but is quite upset when she finds out about Nae's feelings for Ken.

S o e d a K e n

17 years old, second-year highschool student. A polite, intelligent, and fair-haired handsome boy. Gets emotional easily, and is very fond of Moe. The older of the Soeda boys and somewhat protective of Takeshi. Ken drives a motorcycle/motorbike.

S o e d a T a k e s h i

17 years old, second-year highschool student. A more fun-loving, casual guy than Ken, with a humorous personality and darker hair. Very fond of Nae, and of teasing her. Like the elder Ken, drives a motorcycle/motorbike.

T o u j o K o u s h i n
This young man is the mysterious, quiet, and disturbingly introspective overseer of the entire Living-Stuffed-People project, he's the God of the LSP 'family', the creator of their after-death existance and structure. Despite his involvement in the nightmare Nae and company must now go through, he apparently has sympathy for the teens.

The L.S.P "F a m i l y"

The current complete experimental 'family' of the first Living Stuffed People. Each LSP is distinguished by a 'type' number, which is given in the order they were created. Left to right are Seita, the young boy and LSP Type 01(the first LSP), Carrie, a young woman and LSP Type 02, Toshiaki, a young man and LSP Type 03, and finally Moe, LSP Type 04. Koushin is always more than happy to entertain thoughts of adding members to his little 'family' and quickly sets his sights on Nae, as well as the Soeda boys.