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The following is all the publication information currently available for the series. Updates will be made as covers/tankoubans are released.


'Partner' is serialized monthly in Ribon, one of the most popular monthly shoujo mangas in Japan. The author of 'Partner', Miho Obana, had ended her long-running and VERY popular "Kodomo no Omocha" series in 1998, and had since released a one-shot short story, "Pochi", and a Kodocha side-story manga, "Mizu no Yukata". Obana jumped back into the monthly serialization groove with a story that was an extreme change of pace compared to Kodocha; the sci-fi horror story "Partner" debuted in the September 1999 (9/99) issue of Ribon. Each Ribon issue since then has continued the Partner storyline, and There have now been ten chapters to date.




The first condensed, compilation of the Partner manga (containing chapters 1-6 or so) was released recently on 4/19/2000. The ISBN # is 4-08-856200-3. The second tankouban will most likely be released in the early fall/2000. Tankouban cover scans will be added as they are released; pictured right is tankouban #1.






So far, 'Partner' has only appeared on one Ribon cover, for the October 1999 (10/99) issue pictured at left. A small picture of Nae was also featured in a collage on the cover of the Ribon Winter Special. Hopefully the series will be granted another cover shortly (KKJ has at least 6 a year, sheesh!).





In the yearly "Winter Vacation/Special" issue of Ribon, released at the very end of 1999, a very short (about 6 pages) Partner omake one-shot story was featured. The story didn't contain much of a plot, but featured all the Partner characters, Nae, Moe, Ken, and Takeshi, drawn as kittens (with cat-names, too, such as "Take-nyan" for Takeshi, Nyan as in 'meow'). It's a short, irrelevant, but absolutely adorable strip that's certainly a welcome change from the somber mood of the real Partner storyline. Also, make note, a guest 'kitty' appears in the strip-Miho Obana, the mangaka herself!

*Note: scans from the winter one-shot will be posted soon. The picture to the right is NOT from the Winter Special!